Theatre Bristol, located at 512 State Street in Bristol, TN, is a beloved community theater with a rich history and a strong focus on youth and family programming. Established in 1965 as the Bristol Children’s Theatre, it has grown into a vibrant cultural hub for the region.

Location and Hours

  • Address: 512 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620
  • Phone: 423-212-3625

Theater Highlights

  • Community Focus: Theatre Bristol is dedicated to arts education, youth programming, and community outreach. It offers a variety of shows, workshops, and summer camps to engage and educate young performers and audiences.
  • Historic Significance: As the oldest continuously-run children’s theater in northeast Tennessee, Theatre Bristol has a long-standing tradition of fostering a love for the performing arts in the community.
  • Diverse Productions: The theater hosts a wide range of productions each season, including musicals, dramas, and comedies. Notable upcoming shows include Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Aesop’s Foibles, and The Rainbow Fish.

Visitor Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Theatre Bristol relies heavily on volunteers for its operations. Opportunities are available for those interested in acting, backstage work, or helping with community outreach.
  • Educational Programs: The Catherine DeCaterina School of Theatre Arts offers classes and workshops throughout the year, helping young people develop their skills in acting, stagecraft, and more.

Plan Your Visit

For a complete schedule of performances, auditions, and educational programs, visit the Theatre Bristol website or the Discover Bristol website.

Theatre Bristol continues to be a cornerstone of the arts in Bristol, providing high-quality, family-friendly entertainment and fostering a love of the performing arts in the community.