Tinseltown USA, located at 3004 Linden Drive in Bristol, VA, was a beloved movie theater known for providing a great cinematic experience. Although it permanently closed in 2020, its impact on the local community remains memorable.

Location and Closure

  • Address: 3004 Linden Drive, Bristol, VA 24201
  • Closure: Permanently closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Theater Features

  • Screens: The theater boasted 14 screens, showcasing first-run feature films.
  • Technology: It featured digital projection and RealD 3D capabilities.
  • Amenities: The theater offered stadium seating, arcade games, a party room, and a well-stocked concession area with a variety of food and drinks.

Community Impact

Tinseltown USA was a popular destination for moviegoers in Bristol, providing a venue for family outings, date nights, and social gatherings. Its closure was a significant loss for the community, prompting petitions and efforts to keep it open.

Alternative Entertainment

With the closure of Tinseltown USA, movie enthusiasts in Bristol can visit nearby theaters such as Legacy Theaters Bristol 14 and Marquee Cinemas - Pinnacle 12.

Legacy and Memories

Though Tinseltown USA is no longer in operation, it remains a fond memory for many in the Bristol community. Its contribution to the local entertainment scene will not be forgotten.

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