Wallabies is a vibrant indoor play center in Johnson City, TN, ideal for children to enjoy endless fun and play. Below are the details for planning a visit:

Location and Hours

  • Location: 3102 Hanover Road, Johnson City, TN 37604
  • Hours: Open daily, specific hours may vary

Key Features

  • Inflatables: A wide array of inflatable play structures suitable for kids of various ages.
  • Party Rooms: Private party rooms available for birthdays and special events.
  • Walk-ins Welcome: No need to book in advance, except for parties.


  • Safety: Waivers are required for all children and adults entering the play areas.
  • Food: On-site concessions available, outside food not permitted.
  • Socks Required: All children and accompanying adults in play areas must wear socks.

Party Packages

  • Various party packages available including the Desert Party, Woodland Party, and Rainforest Party.
  • Pricing varies based on the day and number of children.

Visitor Information

  • Admission: Entry fees apply, group rates available.
  • More Information: For additional details or to book a party, visit the Wallabies website.

Wallabies provides a fun and safe environment for kids to play, celebrate, and just have a great time!